1862 Broadside - Abraham Lincoln's Post-Fredericksburg Message to the Army of the Potomac

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1862 Broadside - Abraham Lincoln's Post-Fredericksburg Message to the Army of the Potomac


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Offered here is a very interesting document from the Civil War. In the aftermath of the Battle of Fredericksburg, in which the Union Army of the Potomac's attacked were hurled back with terrible losses, President Abraham Lincoln had this message distributed and read to the troops. It reads:

Washington, December 22, 1862.

To the Army of the Potomac:

I have just read your Commanding General's preliminary report of the battle of Fredericksburg. Although you were not successful, the attempt was not an error, nor the failure other than an accident. The courage with which you, in an open field, maintained the contest against an entrenched foe, and the consummate sill and success with which you crossed and re-crossed the river, in face of the enemy, show that you possess all the qualities of a great army, which will yet give victory to the cause of the country and of popular government. Condoling with the mourners for the dead, and sympathizing with the severely wounded, I congratulate you that the number of both is comparatively so small.

I tender to you, officers and soldiers, the thanks of the nation.


Please note this document is NOT HAND SIGNED by Lincoln. It is a contemporary copy of the President's message intended for distribution to the Army.

The document measures approximately 4 1/4" x 6 3/4". The paper is in excellent sturdy condition, not stiff, and not particularly delicate. Light wear to corners and edges.

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