1929 War Memories of Private Seth J. Winslow, 1st & 12th Vermont - Battle of Gettysburg

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1929 War Memories of Private Seth J. Winslow, 1st & 12th Vermont - Battle of Gettysburg


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An interesting pair of documents removed from a bound volume relating to Mr. Seth J. Winslow of Woodstock, Vermont—a ninety-four-year-old veteran of the 1st Vermont and 12th Vermont, both 9-month regiments. The first page is a brief account of Winslow’s war experience, hand-written by a helper, but signed by the elderly veteran. It reads:

I was in several battles — Gettysburg was the largest. I saw Lincoln at Arlington Heights where we were in camp.

He came to inspect our Company —

I also saw him in Washington

Signed Seth J Winslow
Age 94 years —
Co. B Twelfth Vermont

The second page provides some supplementary information about Winslow. It reads:

Winslow’s Clover Gift Shop at Woodstock, Vt. was a cosy little place, and a busy spot during the Summer of 1929. Grandfather Winslow sat on the porch looking real spry for his 94 years. I sat beside him and he was soon talking over his battles and I was having a fine time listening to them. He talked slow, and soft and clear of his experiences. He had enlisted in the 12th Vermont Volunteers, was in a number of battles, one of which was Gettysburg. He had the honor to see Mr. Lincoln when the regiment was camped at Arlington Heights near Washington, where a number of the members of his company had the chance to shake hands with the President.

When a fellow moves up and reaches 94, his legs are not as nimble or his hand as steady as they were when they were sleeping under a tree, marching down a dusty or muddy road or moving forward to battle. But Mr. Winslow was very thankful he could still get around, but worried a lot because he could not help at the Gift Shop when his folks were so busy.

Each page measures about 6 1/2” x 9” and is in excellent condition. Little edge or corner damage to the paper, except along the margin where it was removed from the binding.

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