Patriotic CDV - "The Loyal Compromiser Crushing Secession" - Antietam

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Patriotic CDV - "The Loyal Compromiser Crushing Secession" - Antietam


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A very nice patriotic CDV image of the “serpent” of secession being crushed by the wheel of an artillery piece, while a federal eagle observes from atop the piece. The caption underneath reads, “THE LOYAL COMPROMISER CRUSHING SECESSION.” On the reverse it states that the image was “Designed by a Volunteer Nurse in the Hospitals of Keedysville, Middletown, Boonsboro and the Battle Field.” A poem then reads:

Twilight is seen scattering the murky clouds which enveloped and struck terror to the people in the days of Fort Sumter, and when all other efforts were offered and rejected, “The Loyal Compromiser” was resorted to as seen in the foreground; Crushing out Secession, unloosening its folds from around the Fasces of the Republic.

The “Inspired Emblem of Victory” has perched upon our Battle Shield “Screaming Liberty, Equality and Freedom the world.”

This is then followed by Lincoln’s words to the artist upon his receipt of the work:

Executive Mansion, Washington, May 21, 1864

My Dear Sir:

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a Photographic Copy of your allegorical sketch at Antietam together with your letter asking me to accept it at the close of the fair.

I thank you very sincerely for your kindness, but respectfully request that instead of being sent to me as suggested, the picture be sold for the benefit of the Fair.

I am very truly your Ob’t Serv’t,
A. Lincoln.

The carte measures about 2 1/2” x 4” and is in excellent condition, as shown.

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