1864 Letter - 14th US Infantry Comrades Catch Up - Sergeant Henry Lilly - New York


1864 Letter - 14th US Infantry Comrades Catch Up - Sergeant Henry Lilly - New York


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Offered here is an interesting 1864 Civil War letter written and signed by Commissary Sergeant Henry Lilly of the U.S. Mustering & Disbursing Office in New York to his old friend, Lieutenant Samuel D. Hays. regimental quartermaster of the 110th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Earlier in the war the two had served together in the 14th United States Infantry. In the letter, Lilly wrote about various members of the old 14th. The letter was found among Hays's personal papers. It reads:

United States Mustering and Disbursing Office,
25 St. Mark's Place,
New York, May 4 1864.

My Dear Friend
I have thought of writing to you several times since I have been in the city but for some reason have never got at it. Through the influence of our friend Ford I got a position here as clerk about a month ago. Ford has asked me to write to you several times since my arrival. He wrote to you early in the winter and I wrote to you at the same time from Fort Richmond, and neither of us has ever a reply. Perhaps you never received the letters.

I like N.Y. very well. Capt Ellis just as usual. Sergt Myers who was Brigade Commissary last winter is here with us. We would like to have been down there to help take Richmond if they would have allowed us to look on. Willett is in the city, a citizen. Little Clark Moore has reenlisted in the 14th. I believe the Regt. is now down your way somewhere. I should be very glad to hear from you, when you find it convenient to write.

Very Truly
Henry Lilly

(address as dated above)

Ford and Myers wish to be remembered to you.

The letter was written upon a 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" stationery sheet. The paper is in good sturdy condition. Light wear to edges and corners. Light foxing and toning. Creased where originally folded.

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